This is Bosco a wonderful 3 year old mastiff mix, today I worked with Richard and Kirsty his owners to help Bosco adjust to the birth of the new baby (seven months ago). Bosco was an ideal dog but now is having trouble adjusting to the family’s new life structure. He is amazing in the house and with the baby, but he has started lead pulling and showing aggressive tendencies towards other large dogs when out on the walk. This is especially a problem for Kirsty as Bosco is a very powerful dog, and it needed addressing promptly. So Richard was wise to call in Dog Barking Mad for help. We discussed at length the various issues affecting Bosco’s behaviour change and all of the ways we can adjust the environment to help Boscos world become more fulfilled and structured.

Then we set about the task of addressing the walking issues, I showed Richard some tips on how to redirect Bosco’s fixation, which worked very well, and I also showed Kirsty various ways of helping her to build a stronger relationship on the lead with Bosco. Good foundations were laid today for the future development of Bosco’s program, it will take consistent application, patience and time. However I feel that with Richard and Kirsty’s help Bosco’s life will become enriched, balanced and structured once again, keep up the good work.

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