This little sweet heart is Bella an adorable terrier x chihuahua mix, however Bella is somewhat dog reactive and does like to bark, so Ivy (90 years young) and her daughter Jo decided that it was time to call in Dog Barking Mad for help.  Bella is Ivy’s new dog which she obtained from a rescue centre and so it was important that we begin the process of re educating Bella immediately, (due to Ivy’s unique circumstances), so today we addressed the DBM structured walk program, which both Ivy and Bella picked up easily and then we set about the main task of addressing Bella’s dog reactivity and barking problem.  So with the help of Luna the next door neighbour’s malamute (and Bellas arch enemy), we began to implement our dog reactivity program, at first we had the usual dog on dog barking match, which was to be expected, but once we had firmly established the foundations of the DBM rehabilitation program, in no time at all we had the gate open and Bella calmly standing there observing a now sleeping Luna, in both a relaxed and balanced way. We also discussed at length various ways to help Ivy establish a stronger leader / follower relationship with Bella in order to help her build her confidence, so well done Ivy and Bella, keep up the good work.

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