Smirnoff and Brandi – Redirecting this Dog Barking Problem

This is Smirnoff and Brandi two delightful west highland terriers. Smirnoff is 3 and Brandi is 2. Smirnoff has a very calm temperament, however Brandi is easy to over excite and barks at everything. Especially at dogs on walks and even displays slight aggressive tenancies towards strange dogs.

Today Brandi and Amanda her owner accompanied me on a Dog Barking Mad structured walk. Within no time at all Brandi was showing an improvement, which was to also translate back into the house and garden. Both previously being problem areas for the dogs.

Amanda was impressed with Brandi’s performance. She later informed me that she had employed the services of two dog behaviourists prior to calling Dog Barking Mad. One took a dominant style approach which the dogs did not respond to. Amanda herself also found this distressing to watch. The other took a more passive style approach. She gave advise to ignore all negative behaviour and reward the dogs with treats simply for just existing. Which the dogs did enjoy but then said to completely ignore them as far as any behaviour modification was concerned. The last behaviourist had worked with the dogs weekly over an 8 month period! In the words of Amanda, “the dogs behaviour did not improve AT ALL!”

I am pleased to announce that with our unique dog training program we managed to fix all of these canine behavioural problems in just ONE 2 hour session. If you would like to read Amanda’s 5 star review then please feel free go to our review page for Amanda’s full testimonial. 

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