Ozzie the Powderpuff

This is Ozzie a delightful little Chinese crested powderpuff, Ozzie can be prone to nervousness when out on the lead, and displays a slight fear of new experiences and so today DBM was called in to help Christina (his owner) address Ozzie’s problems. I offered Christina many tips on how to build Ozzie’s confidence and we started with the basics by introducing Ozzie to the DBM structured walk program, essential training for developing a healthy owner-dog relationship, which in itself will go a long way towards helping Ozzie overcome his confidence problem. I then discussed with Christina at length the various ways in which we could help Ozzie to develop his confidence in new situations, a full DBM training structure and DBM confidence building program were both recommended and implemented and I am pleased to say that Ozzie immediately started to respond and show signs of improvement. I’m sure that with Christina and Colin’s help and guidance he will now learn to face new challenges with a fresher, much more positive outlook, so well done Ozzie, keep up the good work.

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