This magnificent dog is Cookie, she is a 2 yr old Saint Bernard x (Prior to rescue, details unknown), she was used, unfortunately, for street begging and there was a heavy suspicion of physical abuse until the RSPCA stepped in and rescued her. She has now found a home since September with Claire, her new owner, who now wants to begin the long road back to rehabilitation. Cookie needs a full education and regular opportunities to release her boundless energy, also Cookie and Claire need to build upon their owner-dog relationship and so today Claire and I discussed at length the various ways in which we could adjust and adapt Cookie’s environment to better suit her needs, we also worked Cookie on the basics of the DBM structured walk program, essential training for Cookie as she is such a large and powerful breed of dog. I must say that Claire has done a sterling job of helping Cookie settle into her new environment, showing Cookie both love and patience at every turn, this is a wonderful loving dog who just needs the right owner, the right home and a chance in life and in Claire, I feel, she has found all of those things, well done to the both of you, keep up the good work.

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