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Dog Training – Home Visiting Sessions

A professional dog training service in your home. With an excellent success rate and proven results. All problems from aggression to recall, offering owners some of the most competitive prices available. Unique and new methods! Covering Essex, Kent and South London.

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Dog Trainer Profile – Unique Dog Training Methods

Read about what makes me different from other dog trainers and how I aim for true rehabilitation. All of my programs follow proven dog training techniques, each developed over years of experience and use real dog psychology. This will get your dog listening fast and gives effective results in just one session.


Contact Malcolm, the dog behaviourist from Dog Barking Mad by phone or email for dog training and one to one rehabilitation programs. All problems welcome.


Train Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle in 6 Easy Steps

Avoid the stigma of muzzles and learn how to get your dog used to one correctly -it may just save his life!

Most Unusual Dog Breeds- The Catalburun

The Catalburun The Catalburn is an extremely rare breed of dog that originates from Turkey and is only 1 of 3 breeds with this distinctive split nose! Its name even means split (catal) nose (burun). The two sections of the…

Best Tips for Your Dog on Firework Night!

Is your dog scared of fireworks? Most are, here are some great tips for keeping your bestfriend feeling safe. Is your dog is new to you or hasn’t experienced the terrors of what often sounds like a war zone? Then…

Yuki and Lila

This is Yuki, a magnificent 3 year old Husky and her new pack mate Lila, a beautiful 8 month old Romanian rescue. Lila has only been in her new home for 4 weeks and already there are serious problems. Lila…

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This beautiful fellow is Milo, an adorable 1 year old Golden Retriever. Milo has very severe anxiety and is literally fearful of everything, any sudden movements or noises send Milo running, which can be a particular problem for his owner…

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This is Frankel, a beautiful 6 year old Whippet. Frankel is hyper active energy and can be anti social at times to dogs and motorcycles, amongst other things. He also like to steal food. So today James and Emily, his…

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