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Dog Training – Home Visiting Sessions

A professional dog training service in your home. With an excellent success rate and proven results. All problems from aggression to recall, offering owners some of the most competitive prices available. Unique and new methods! Covering Essex, Kent and South London.

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Dog Trainer Profile – Unique Dog Training Methods

Read about what makes me different from other dog trainers and how I aim for true rehabilitation. All of my programs follow proven dog training techniques, each developed over years of experience and use real dog psychology. This will get your dog listening fast and gives effective results in just one session.


Contact Malcolm, the dog behaviourist from Dog Barking Mad by phone or email for dog training and one to one rehabilitation programs. All problems welcome.


Could Your Dog Be Breaking the Law? (UK)

Did you know your dog doesn’t just have to bite someone to be put to sleep? It’s worth knowing the law on dog behaviour in the UK to help keep your friend out of trouble.

How to Tell if Your Dog is the Right Weight?

Knowing if your dog is the right weight can be tricky with so many different breeds around. So how do you tell if you dog is overweight or under? Here are some quick, useful tips on how to keep a close eye on your friend.

Most Unusual Dog Breeds- The Greyhound

Don’t think Greyhounds are too extraordinary? But have you ever wondered how a greyhound can reach speeds of over 40mph? Read these weird facts about what makes this special breed the fastest dog on the planet!

Milo and Olly

This is Milo ( left ), a 4 year old Jack Russell and his son, Olly ( right ), a 3 year old Jack Russell. These two little rascals have been causing a few problems lately. They often fight between…

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Bear and Mia

This is Mia ( bottom ) and Bear ( top), 10 year old brother and sister Fox Terrier x Tibetan Terrier pack. Today DBM was called in by Lucy, their owner, to address a few issues. Both dogs suffer from…

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This is Alfie, an adorable 2 year old Labrador. Today DBM was called in by Marion and Tony, his owners, to address a few issues. Pulling on the lead and recall were his brief, however it was very quickly evident…

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